TW: Pedophilia

He hurt me
In ways I could never thought possible
He was supposed to protect me
But he hurt me

He told me it would feel good
And that I would like it
I said no
I told on him

It stopped
For a while

He began to question me
He asked me if I masturbated
I didn’t
I told him so
He said I lied
He said I lied because everyone does

He would spray me with cold water
Then comment on my hardening nipples
Saying I was excited
I was just cold

I was a child

I feel such loathing disgust for myself
I can’t stop it
He’s gone
He’s dead
Why can’t I be released from this torment?


Her eyes are green
Or maybe brown
Her hair bright red
She wears a frown
Of thoughtfulness
Her mind ablaze
She’ll think of me
For many days

She comes to me
Quick as a wink
Our lips touch
In a startled blink
My cheek she touches
After then
I belong to she

TW: Daddy

I hate you
And I don’t hate lightly

Glad am I that your carcass had long been burnt
Before I thought of pressing a bullet to your pitiful brain

You hurt me
You hurt my mother
You hurt my sister
You hurt my brother

They are mine to care for now
You can’t have them, nor me
For we have cast you far from us
Deep in the ground
Your ashes
Contained within the brass urn of your sins

To Hell with you

Asexual (Ace)


I don’t want to be alone
I want to be loved
My heart is pouring out love
But my body is afraid


Why is everything sex?
Why must everything be

"No guy will ever like you."
“You must be non-human.”
“You just haven’t found the right guy.”

Words that sting my face
Tears fall

I want to feel sexual
But I’m not

I’m not

Vulva & Vagina

You frighten me
Though I know
you’re a part of me
The deepest hidden place
I don’t understand you
I wish you weren’t there

But I am glad
That you mark me
Claim my femininity

This self hatred can be self love
If only
I can accept you
As part of me